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Health and Beauty Companies

Medical device, pharmaceutical, and beauty products’ companies have brought significant innovation in the reconstructive and cosmetic treatment industry over the last few years. We would like to work with industry partners to bring more innovation in the industry and help make reconstructive and cosmetic treatments more accessible, less invasive and more affordable.

Professional Associations

The reconstructive and cosmetic treatment market suffers from a widespread use of misleading advertising, inappropriate marketing and unsafe practices. One of our key strategic goals is to enhance the standard of care and quality of products and services in reconstructive and cosmetic treatments. We are keen to partner with professional associations who work towards safeguarding interests of ethical practitioners and customers.


NowMe believes in supporting worthy causes both within our industry and outside. We plan to work with charities that are committed to improving safety and quality of cosmetic medical treatments and/ or helping disadvantaged people and making a real difference to their lives. We commit a percentage of our profits to charitable organisations, but we also strive to offer support in other ways where we can.

Finance Companies

Reconstructive and cosmetic treatments are generally paid out of pocket which makes the sector independent of budgetary constraints and makes private financing a key component. While we strongly believe that assessing one’s ability to pay for these treatments is important and one should not stretch their financial position, we are keen to work with financial institutions and agencies to bring innovative and compelling financial solutions to customers who wish to spread out the cost.

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